6June: Tun Salleh Abas saga – Explanation from CheDet

I know a lot of people has been waiting for TDM to explain to us his version of the story with rgds to Salleh Abas and the judicial issues..

All these are just political ploy played by PKR, DAP, PAS, BAR Council, Zaid.. and recently by PakLah to discredit CheDet.

Ex-Gratia Payment — is it legally correct to pay these judges?

TDM has done it again…THE TUN SALLEH SAGA

Shud we re-open the Royal Tribunal?


Reference — old post as follows..

Tun Saleh Abas
– a biased Lord President. deserves to be sacked by Agong. the only way to reverse the decision is by re-opening the royal tribunal. Dont think Zaid is smart enuff to approach this. Tun Saleh Abas didnt ever dare to defend himself in the royal tribunal. As Lord President, it is very unbecoming. I know the royal tribunal did mentioned, that it is unfortunate that they hv to come to a judgement without getting information from Tun Saleh Abas. Tun Saleh Abas refused to testify!