10th June (tuesday) — ramblings of the day

to all folks – I was away for the long weekend, down-south to JB, and only came back to KL yesterday. Fuel – I’ve to filled-up RM250 worth of fuel for this trip + RM100.00 for the tolls. We avoided RnR just not to let me kids hassle me for any toys from the RnR. Hehe. Things has become more expensive nowadays.. it is REAL folks… so brace for the coming days.. our MYR will sunk in value….

1. Jambatan Bengkok: Chedet has already posted a ‘eye-opener’ blog abt the cancellation of the bridge connecting JB to Singapore. I’ve already listen to Chedet’s explanations regarding to this so-called Jambatan Bengkok. It is also my stand, and generally all Johoreans, i think, that the gov shud not have cancelled the building of this bridge. When it was cancelled, the gov are giving us lotsa reasons, no approval from Singapore, etc, etc.. For all who are reading this blog, pls note that the proposal to build the Jambatan Bengkok DOES NOT require Singapore’s approval. As it will be carried our within Malaysia’s territory. And I hv been waiting for PakLah and Co’s response with rgds to the cancellation… so far none whatsoever!!

2. Rapid KL: Chedet posted a new blog this morning. Another eye-opener with rgds to Rapid KL. I dont hv much info on this yet.. shall dig some more to share with y`all..