19th June — hey ya

Hey folks.. my apology for the looong silence…. thngs got a bit hey-wire at the office… not exactly ‘finish’ yet… but hey.. writer’s block ma.. kehkehkeh…

DIVERSION – man.. this is killing my brain… so many big things are happening, I cant afford to loose sight of my objective. Err PakLah removal’s from office. Hate? not so much. I just think that he is incapable of doing things. FlipFlop as per chedet. It is pure biz. still…., so many distractions and DIVERSION. Think tank not capable enuff eh..? hehehe damn Tkt 4!

– vote of no confidence. Hey folks, there are only 2 scenarios here… either SAPP is pro gov or being used by DSAI. I do hope… at least for all Sabahan who voted for SAPP’s MP via BN seat, that the latter scenario is NOT the case. Oh how much I wanted to believe that they are so very sincere in voicing the people’s grouses and the people’s sentiment towards PakLah & Co. And I am lying if I were to say, eh look, how come none from the UMNO’s side, ranking MP at the very least, or preferably state’s UMNO, or preferably a strong-united-UMNO-JOHOR, or possibly the so-called-chichenKFCs-from-PEMUDA-UMNO. Anyway, the most important question here is … what’s are the objectives. I am not really interested in knowing the motives behind the SAPP’s move, but I’d rather discuss abt the objectives…My wish again is, for some quick changes in the Executives. Replacement? Najib? No. I dont want a lame-duck-PM. Let’s face it, if one is capable of threatening the pm, what’d happen to the country? KuLi? Erm… suffice to say, he’d need to do a lot of convincingsssss. But if he succeed, I’d want him to help strategised a way to make Malaysia’s become more competitive, to help out on the inflation, he has the know-how. tolonglah…. start re-pegging back MYR is possibly a good moves… and we shud not depend too much on usd. and much more !!! hehehe. Opps lupa lak, Muhyidin… tpm and start do some serious learning from TDM. TDM, pls guide us. Jihad will never end. ah well.. who am i kidding…? nothing rings a bell to PakLah nowadays.. oh pah lah oi… hang tak sedar ka? ishk…ishk.. still tak sedar2 lagikah…? Read what CHEDET has got to say

Eradicating Hard Core Poor in 2 years — as sceptical as it sounds… it is indeed very sceptical. Motives are very noble. But c’mon.., everybody knows it is no easy task. Tt is just a politically motivated statements, Gimmicks, DIVERSION.. to show that one is capable of achieving great things.. showing one can do wonders.. conclusion: I am sick to my stomach!! it aint butterfly-stomach, it is a bloody elephant ok..!

Chin J – can a judge run for elections, then continue to become judge? is it true? can? can meh?

Judicial Reforms — oh.. can somebody stop the populist zaid…. he is killing me……!! And yes, this is no kidding. matter of survival.

Shahrir Samad — a very2 good laugh…. kuangkuangkuang! Sendiri mau ingat! Janganlah senyap sgt, kalo dulu minyak naik seposen, teh tarik pun naik seposen, la ni, naik 78sen, takkan nak naik pun tak bule… nak meniaga apa kalo tada untung… ishk.. ishk.. hang tak blajaq ekonomi ke? junjunmatung hang!! And oh.. UMNO JB honeymoon ek..?

OrangKahwin – recently, me and family went back to JB. for a wedding. ala.. biasalah, musim cuti skolah. Adala pulak sorang sedara tu.. ok orangnye, baik, but somehow , i’d never really got the chance to talk to him.. really2 talk to him. But on that OrangKawin day, Anyway, I heard one of us in the family was asking him abt politics, well.. y’know… UMNO’s thingy and all….he wasnt responsive at all… no comment at all, shhhhss, smile and turn away… looks like there is a gag order from UMNO, UMNO Johor? Or is he just one of those ‘regular’ mp/adun? dunno? U tell me…

– Anyway, I’d wish, they’d start accepting the fact that Malaysia is an Islamic Country! DAP-what are you talking abt? Anyway, we are an Islamic Countries as our ugama rasmi is Ugama Islam. Orang tak jadi Kafir kalo berkawan dan aman makmur dengan yg bukan Islam…… Err haram tak kalo orang UMNO sembelih ayam? tu akidah songsang namanya? Mengkafirkan orang adalah kerja tuhan, jangan mendahulukan tuhan…..

Mathias Chang – i am watching you kewl dude.

DYMM Sultan Selangor — I am johorean, but cant hide the admiration i hv for you… envy all of you selangorian….bravo!